Playa de San Marcos 

This beach is located in a sheltered bay on the north coast of Tenerife. It takes its name from the image of St. Mark Evangelist venerated in the parish church of Icod de los Vinos which bears his name. It is a very safe harbor because of the shell-shaped cliffs that protect the bathers from wind and strong tides. It is covered with the characteristic black sand of northern Tenerife. Next to the beach there is a small fishing port and various tourist facilities.

The safety provided by this harbor, protected against almost all winds and sheltered by its high encircling cliffs, having good anchorages and a very beautiful beach, has led navigators ever since the conquest of Tenerife to choose it as a refuge on stormy days. These advantageous conditions and the proximity to the abundant pine forests of Icod in former times, encouraged the trade of wood and the fabrication of boats. Many galleons and frigates were built in its shipyards for the service of the King of Spain.


Playa Monis

The Monis beach is one of the two bathing areas in the steep coast of Icod de los Vinos, with cliffs of more than 100 meters. It is not a large beach but its hidden location, isolated from the crowds, surprises all visitors.