Tablas de San Andrés



The popular Tables of San Andrés are a tradition celebrated in the last days of November, officially the 29th day before the day of San Andrés. The party consists of throwing on boards or planks of tea wood by the steep streets of the municipality. These tables are usually smeared in the lower part of animal tallow, fats, oils, candles, etc … so that the slip is greater and therefore also the speed.

The spectacularity of the festival is centered on the streets of the Plano, San Antonio and Hercules, and the rest of the steep icodenses streets are an endearing motive for meeting this tradition. The tables of San Andrés as any living event, is always in a process of evolution, is a magnificent visual spectacle that configures the identity of the municipality.

The origin of this tradition dates back to the sixteenth century and was born and developed on the occasion of a daily work, that of timber transport. Later, when it disappears, it evolves and becomes a festive expression that is linked later to the feast of the apostle San Andrés and the premiere of the new wine. Somehow, this official opening of the wineries has moved to the street, accompanied by the roasted chestnuts typical of those dates.