Cestos y Bollos de Santa Bárbara



The traditional baskets and buns are an offering of thanks for the good harvest, but at the same time a rite of passage from girls to young people, who present themselves ready to marry.

The tradition of bringing buns to the saintly patron saints of the people is lost in time, for the girls of marriageable age carried cornflower and sugar figurines to the saints, in this case Santa Barbara, charging them for miles to the head to offer them to the Virgin who, with luck, returns “the sacrifice” granting them a boyfriend.

There are 12 suppliers – as the letters have the name of Santa Barbara – that each last Saturday in August, “at three o’clock in the afternoon”, set out in Indian file with baskets loaded with buns and decorated with colored ribbons.

The buns are complemented by baskets made by most of the families of Santa Barbara. And it is the romería offering of the Baskets and Buns the main number of the celebrations.

“In August the farmers become artisans and in the courtyards of the houses prepare the baskets of fruit to give an offering to the patron.” They are made by families and each one maintains a differentiated technique which, in essence, consists of a basketwork frame from which many pieces of fruits, vegetables and vegetables hang, ornamented with rosaries of potatoes and other agricultural products.

At the end of the rosemary walk, at the church door, the Baskets and Buns will hang from a large wooden porch and boughs.